YDC SONAR® - Product Option Lineup

SFMAP(MAP and Defect Analysis)
Support Defect Analysis by using Map Analysis
Offer high speed and various functions like defect image,defect code distribution, repeater defect display,multi maps
Web/Batch(Report and Scheduling)
Support WEB Reporting and Routine analysis
Offer strong support for batch execution of analysis flow,report generation with designer and report publishing by WEB
SSQC (Control Chart/Cpk)
Offer strong support for Statistical Quality Control (SQC)
like control chart display, calculate Cpk,and Estimation and Test
SFACTOR(Data Mining)
Support the cause tracking/finding for complicated problems
Help engineer's decision making by offering high possible factors automatically categorized from huge data
STREND(Trend Monitor Alarm)
Support finding sudden problem and trend of No Good
Enable quick and rapid finding of quality problem by periodical monitoring of defect status and issuing alarm