YDC SONAR® - Solution outline

YDC SONAR® enables to establish "Visible Fab"

YDC SONAR is used for consolidating and utilizing all data in Fab. All problems in "Data Loading", "Data Store" and "Data Utilization"have been resolved.

YDC SONAR® offers various running environments from small configurations for test line with several users to broad BI(Business Intelligence) tool to monitor whole fab according to user needs and purposes.
Increase efficiency
YDC SONAR® offers unique database structure as well as GUI which is specialized and ideal for Semiconductor and FPD manufacturing process. Its unique search engine realizes high speed retrieval with little overhead and helps to increase efficiency of management work dramatically.
Knowledge sharing of Analysis work
YDC SONAR® can keep the procedure of user operations in analyzing the situation as template files for later use and retry previous operations. Users can share these template operation files as knowledge base and conduct daily routine work by executing already stored template file. Thus YDC SONAR® can help routine and shared jobs.
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