A Passion for Adding Value

Our goal ? to bring our 'Passion for Adding Value' to our customers.

The world-class 'Monozukuri' capabilities that power the manufacturing of Japan is enabled by the engineers with superior skills, deep insights in their professional areas, and practical know-how. We develop structures that help engineers share their knowledge across departmental or functional organization, hierarchy, and country location. These mechanisms help leverage individual capabilities to achieve enterprise-level objectives.

YDC Corporation is the system integrator company within Yokogawa Group, and we deliver a wide variety of information solutions to Japanese manufacturing companies. Our consultants have a deep knowledge in manufacturing industries and assess management and business environment issues from a broad perspective. Our engineers have the superior technical skills to create original products and the determination to achieve the best results for every project.

The YDC consultants and engineers unite and perform as one team, to support our customer's success. By 'connecting' design, manufacturing, supply chain, and management, YDC helps lead our customer's global competitiveness and growth.

Going beyond providing a 'solution,' YDC will bring its passion for adding value to our customers.